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Ella Durham

Freeskool Workshop Recap: Screw Post Binding & Handmade Portfolios

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Screw Post Binding and Handmade Portfolios Freeskool Workshop Banner

Last month I held a workshop on screw post binding and handmade portfolios as part of a Freeskool Workshop Series I'm holding this winter. Between heading out of town a couple of days later for a nonprofit software development summit and returning to endless mountains of pie, I haven't had a chance to post a summary and notes until now.

I've posted the workshop outline and the notes, resources, and materials list as well as a folder of some images I pulled from the Interenet for my inspiration library on Google Drive for the time being. I hope to eventually fully develop digital counterparts to each of the workshops I hold but I want to make these available in the meantime.

Discussing lessons I learned while making my own portfolios in the past.
Talking about my own hand made portfolio and lessons I've learned making and binding portfolios in the past.
Demonstrating gluing chip board together to make a DIY binder book board.
Demonstrating finding the grain of chipboard to glue two pieces together for a thicker, DIY book board.
Gluing on an interior cover paper.
Gluing on the interior cover paper is always one of the more nerve-racking steps.
Attendees sit and watch in suspense as I glue together the final piece of the portfolio.
The suspense is palpable!