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Ella Durham

Frontend Fem Fest! Weeeee!

1 min read

I had a great time a few weeks ago at Frontend Fem Fest—a day-long event of sharing and chatting about techy things people are excited about. I talked a bit about CSS animations in theory and practice and was able to hang out for a good chunk of the lineup including Designing Web Apps, Open Source Libraries, Git/GitHub, Bare Conductive Board, Grids, and AfterEffects.

Ella Durham talking about CSS Animations and web art Frontend Fem Fest
Here I am standing up in front of a bunch of wonderful people about to spill a bunch of tangential thoughts and ideas related to CSS Animations out of my brain.

I loved seeing the Trash Music Box! Gretchen Larson ( helped put together with the Bare Conductive Board. It had me itching to return to some old sketches to rethink and revive a couple of ideas.

Find presenter notes for it and the other talks at

Thanks to all of the organizations and people who came together to put Frontend Fem Fest together—especially Gretchen, who gave me the nudge I needed to come in. 

Now, I leave you with this:

An animated image of Ella Durham floating in space with the Frontend Fem Fest hula girl.